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vendredi 15 janvier 2010

Un débat sur l'Europe de la Défense

L'antenne de Vanves du Mouvement Européen organise un débat le mercredi 20 janvier à partir de 20h, sur le thème "L'Europe des armées ou l'Europe désarmée ?".

Les principaux sujets abordés seront les suivants :

  • Politique européenne de sécurité et de défense (PESD) : depuis quand, pourquoi, comment ?
  • Structures militaires permanentes de l’Union Européenne
  • Moyens et les terrains d’action : l’exemple de l’EUFOR au Tchad
  • Ce qui divise les États : questions internationales, relations avec l'OTAN, contraintes budgétaires...

Le débat se fera en présence du Colonel Eric Labourdette, chef de la section Union Européenne, à l’Etat-Major des Armées, et Dominique David, directeur exécutif de l’Institut Français des Relations Internationales.

Pour les détails pratiques, voir ici.

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2 commentaires:

Jameskevin Macgoris a dit…

There is a big online brainstorming session with the EU and NATO on the 4th until the 9th of February, where people can log in and talk directly to senior figures. One of the discussion forums is Afghanistan.

Register at www.securityjam.org

Here are some more details:

The online Security Jam – a chance to pitch some ideas to the top

You may not be able to pick up the phone and call the head of NATO or the European Commission, but at the beginning of next month you’ll have your chance to do the next best thing – and pitch your ideas - when you log on to the online brainstorm session, the Security Jam that’s being held online from 4th to 9th February.

Even better, the Security Jam will give you wider opportunity to make your voice heard – because not only will senior VIPs from NATO, the European Commission and host of major stakeholders be talking it up online, but you’ll also be able to share your ideas and security concerns with literally thousands of participants who, like you, will be contributing to a wide range of security-related discussions.

Climate Change, Human Rights and Development will be key topics, as well as core security areas such as Crisis Management, Piracy, Afghanistan, Relations with Russia & China etc…

Discussions will be moderated by key individuals, and there will be a guaranteed online presence of senior VIP figures such as:

• Ambassador Kai Eide, United Nations Special Representative to Afghanistan
• Carl Bildt, Swedish Foreign Affairs Minister
• Josette Sheeran, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme
• José Manuel Barroso*, European Commission President
• General Håkan Syrén, Chairman of the European Union Military Committee
• Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, Chairman of the Military Committee, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
• Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Former NATO Secretary General
• Ambassador Marc Perrin de Brichambaut, Secretary General of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
• Paul Collier, Professor at Oxford University, author of 'The Bottom Billion'
• Admiral Mark Fitzgerald, Commander of the Joint Force Command Naples & US Naval Forces in Europe
• Mark Pyman, Director of the International Defence and Security Programme at Transparency International
• Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch
• Miroslav Lajcák, Slovak Foreign Affairs Minister
• Fernando Perpiñá-Robert Peyra, Secretary General of the Club of Madrid, member of the NATO Group of Experts on new Strategic Concept
• Mark Laity, Chief for Strategic Communications, NATO (SHAPE)
• General Henry Anyidoho*, Acting Joint African Union – United Nations Special Representative for Darfur
• Wahu Kaara, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Kenyan Social Justice Activist and Former Ecumenical Coordinator for the Millennium Development Goals
• Jacqueline McGlade, Director of the European Environment Agency (EEA)
• Anders Fogh Rasmussen*, NATO Secretary General
*to be confirmed

And the results? The best and most practicable ideas for improving global security will be put forward as important contributions to the new strategic concepts being prepared by NATO and the EU, both of which are official supporters of this highly original event.

How to get involved

Registration to the Jam is mandatory, see online at www.securityjam.org

Just register online, and you’ll get your 5-day pass to log on and log off the jam at your convenience. The programme will be published before the event and updated during it, so all you need to do is check the website to see who’s on and at what time.

khalid a dit…

En marche depuis 1998, l'Europe de la défense se concrétise à partir de 2003 avec notamment la mise en place d'une force de réaction rapide et la conduite d'opérations militaires européennes. Le développement de la politique européenne de sécurité et de défense (PESD) doit cependant surmonter de nombreux obstacles : différences d'appréciation entre Etats sur des questions internationales, sur les relations avec l'OTAN, contraintes budgétaires...